EVE magazines

EVE magazines surf on the wave of new technologies.

Launched in 2019, EVE magazine is a series of folios that shed light on people, technologies and innovative platforms. These are favorites or curiosity about our technological or managerial world in constant evolution.

EVE, it’s watch, it’s digital, teams, people and foresight.

EVE digital, on an idea of Virginie Guignard Legros, to highlight its findings and share them usefully with the Innovation industry and the uninitiated.

You will find our ratings on the back cover.

It is a product of the Consortium The COCÖÖÖN. EVE digital develops the EVE media content around technology watch and avant-garde services in the user market and state-of-the-art technologies.

The COCÖÖÖN represents all COCÖÖÖN structures and partners. www.thecocooon.co

COCÖÖÖN editions are digital, but can be edited in paper on request from our publisher https://trifid360.com/.